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Sun 1st - Spring Edible Hedgerow

Sat 14th - Spring Edible Hedgerow

Sun 22nd - Spring Edible Hedgerow




Sat 19th - Edible & Poisonous Estuary

Sun 27th - Edible & Poisonous Estuary




Sun 17th - Wild Drinks Workshop




Sat 28th - Wild Drinks Workshop




Sun 19th - Autumn Edible Hedgerow

Sat 25th - Autumn Edible Hedgerow




Sat 8th - Edible Mushrooms Wales

Fri 14th - Edible Mushrooms England

Sat 29th - Edible Mushrooms England




Sun 14th - Edible Mushrooms England

Sun 28th - Edible Grassland Fungi

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Lauren is quickly becoming the Discover the Wild 'truffle hound' as her remarkable ability of finding different mushrooms and fungi is becoming widely known.


Whilst she spends her day looking after some of the worlds rarest bird species in her role as a zoo keeper, in her spare time she is often looking for wild edible mushrooms and helping out on events too.


Born and bred in Wales, she is the perfect choice to lead our Edible Mushroom Wales event, where she will help you to find some remarkable and tasty mushrooms.

Lauren Hough


The Guides

David Winnard

David has led mushroom events since he 16 and his Gramdma had been teaching him about mushrooms since he was 5! David is an all round naturalist, happiest most when he his foraging but also loves birdwatching and looking for lots of other types of wildlife.


Rest assured that whilst you are out foraging with David he will be showing lots of other amazing wildlife too.

Welcome to our events page. Here you will be able to find information on the different workshops and courses we offer through the year, with links to booking on to them. We chose sites for the events that are pefect for showing you a wealth of diversity but not to bamboozle you with too many that you can not remember anything.


The exact locations of the events, along with where to park, nearest public transport etc is sent out about 1 week to 10 days before the event. This is because we have access to different sites and we chose the most productive sites close to when the event is happening to ensure you see as much as possible. Any questions? Email info@discoverthewild.co.uk