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Fungi Guide A-Z

Welcome to our guide to some of the species we have been able to manage to find and photograph. The aim of this page is to help you identify species and give you some handy tips with each species as well as information on where and when we find them. Where applicable we have also indicated whether a species is edible or poisonous.


Over the coming weeks we will be adding many species, watch this space! It takes time to edit all the pictures and add them to the website but we will be continually adding species throughout 2017.

Common Names A-Z

Scientific Names A-Z

Visual Key

AmethystDeceiverweb BrownRollRimprofileweb chanterelle12web DeadlyWebcap1web GiantFunnelPorfile1web InkstainBolete6web pepperyboleteprofile stgeorgesmushroomweb SummerBoleteprofileweb YellowStainerDW2 trumpetchanterelle11

Disclaimer: if you are going to be eating wild mushrooms then always use more than one reference material. Ensure you are 100% YOU know what you have picked before you eat any part of it - never munch on a hunch. Our A-Z guide contains a fraction of the number of wild species you may have picked.

AniseedFunnelweb RootingBolete5web DuskyBoleteprofileweb WoodHedgehog1web AmethystChanterelleprofileweb terracottahedgehog7web cep5web Parrotwaxcap10 BlueSpotKnight1web hornofPlenty5web Beechwoodsickner3web BrownParasol1web pepperymilkcap3web PlumsandCustard1web macromushroomweb