There are few species of mushroom that one will be happier to find than that of the Cep, well the French call it Cep, the Italians call it Porcini and the Brits call it Penny Bun. It is all the same thing, Boletus edulis and it is one of the most wonderful edible species to find growing in the wild. Indeed we love this species so much that we honour it by giving it its own month....Ceptember, though to be honest Ceptember is just the time period when it fruits which is typically August-October but can be July-November in extreme years. We also celebrate it with a competition, the Ceptember Challenge, of which there are three categories.


Heaviest Specimen

The largest single specimen still considered edible, weighed in grams and photographed in the scales.


2017 - Mr I Lester (Denbigshire) = 826g

2016 - Miss L Hough (Denbigshire) = 788g

2015 - Mr D Winnard (Rochdale) = 735g

2014 - Mr G Ella (Stockport) = 864g

2013 - Mr B & Mrs V Warren (Oldham) = 776g


First Specimen of the Season

Simply the first person to find the first Cep of the season.


2017 - Mr I Lester (6th August - Cheshire)

2016 - Mr I Lester (17 August - Perthshire)

2015 - Mr D Winnard (7 August - Rochdale)

2014 - Mr D Winnard (17 August - Rochdale)

2013 - Mr B & Mrs V Warren (15 August - Oldham)


Most Number of Specimens in One Area

An area is defined as a 50m x 50m square, with the number of specimens present at the same time.

2017 - Mr D Winnard (32 together - Denbigshire)

2016 - Miss L Hough (22 together - Denbigshire)

2015 - Mr D Winnard (17 together - Rochdale)

2014 - Mr I Lester (14 together - Cheshire)

2013 - Mr B & Mrs V Warren (10 together - Oldham)

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