Connecting with nature and foraging has been a great release for us during lockdown and these uncertain times and we are looking forward to welcoming you back so we can help you do the same. More people are wanting to know how to become for self-sufficient in wild greens, fruits and mushrooms which is great to see. Obviously we are having to make changes to our events so we can go ahead with events so below is an outline of some of the measures that we are taking to our events.

1) We are reducing the group sizes we take so that we can keep within government guidelines and also allow us to socially distance during our events. 

2) We usually allow time to stop for food and drink half way in to our events, we will NOT be doing this, which will allow us to complete the same events in a quicker time.

3) We will not be handling the same plants or fungi, you will be encouraged to look at plants and fungi if you want to but this means you will have to pick your own, rather than us all handing around the same specimen. In some cases where it is not possible to pick and look at specimens we will just discuss them in the field and leave them be. 

4) Our routes will be changed to try and avoid busy places or certainly allow for us to try and maintain social distancing. During the event you will be asked to keep 2m apart from each other and if you wish to wear a face mask please do.

5) We will be sanitising our hands regularly, we won't be shaking hands and we will be standing more than 2m away when discussing the plants or fungi.

6) If you have to shield or are booked on an event and do not feel comfortable to come then we will be offering you a voucher which can be used on any event for 12 months - if there is another lockdown then this voucher will be extended.


7) Anyone with a voucher will have them extended to factor in the lockdown. If you were given a voucher for Christmas to be used for 2020, then these are being extended until the end of 2021 - we will make sure you can come on event so please do not worry about the expiry time on vouchers.