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Creme de Cassis



We are going with the 'posh' Creme de Cassis name rather than Blackcurrant Vodka with this, whatever you want to call it it is probably the drink I look forward to sampling the most each year. The taste of Blackcurrants is one of the best flavours of the summer and this recipe will allow you to capture that flavour all year round.


1kg Blackcurrants (Ribes nigrum) - with stems removed. 

1 litre of Vodka (40% ABV or higher)

200g Granulated Sugar (less if you don't have a sweet tooth)


STEP 1: Place your Blackcurrants in a pan and begin to mash them, I use a potato masher for this. Ensure they are roughly all mashed. 

STEP 2: Spoon the mashed up Blackcurrants into a 1.5 litre style Kilner jar (or slightly bigger) and be sure to get all the juice that has come out in the pan too. 

STEP 3: Pour the vodka over the Blackcurrants and then add the sugar. Stir the sugar and blackcurrants slowly in the vodka. Close the lid ensure the vodka can not leak.

STEP 4: Shake the contents for a few seconds and put the jar in a cupboard. Shake the jar a few times in the first week and then whenever you remember until 3 months have passed, during this time the sugar will have dissolved. 

STEP 5: Strain the liquid through muslin or a fine mesh and place the resulting liquid in to a nice clean spirit style bottle. Then sit back and enjoy.

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