Fleecy Milkcap

Lactarius vellereus

Cap: 6-20cm across  Stem: 4-10cm in length, 3-6cm diameter

Stem: the bottom of the stem is often rather firm, in some cases almost feeling like wood. Yellow and sometimes with bits of red showing through, often white at the very base of the stem.

Flesh: starts pale yellow and becomes white in the cap, then slowly blue and then fading to very light blue or even off white after a few minutes.

from the Greek meaning 'pretty lump of clay'

Overall: a large Bolete which often looks like it has a 'deformed' cap, possibly due to the fact it likes to grow through somewhat compacted soil, especially at the side of roads and pathways.

Pores: the bright yellow pores stand out as you pick and turn over the mushroom, they bruise blue when handled or pressed firmly. The size of pores are small compared with other larger Boletes.

Cap: pale grey and usually showing as if it has grown under stress, uneven surface, dints, grooves, wavy around the edges, this is more so in more mature specimens. Often shows cracks on the cap.

meaning rooting



HABITAT: grows 




SEASON: summer to autumn.


EDIBILITY: Not Edible. 




SMELL: sli





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