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Burnet Rose Liqueur



Those that have been on some of our autumn foraging events will know that I am not the biggest fan of rose hips, I find them pretty tasteless and boring if I am honest, except for one, the hips of the Burnet Rose (Rosa pimpinellifolia). These are much darker than the usual orangey red hips, dark purple almost black and when cut in half always seem to have some lovely dark juice too. The final liqueur tastes wonderful, slightly berry like and quite complex, it is one of my favourite to make. They are thorny so take care when picking and prepping them and also ensure you strain it well when you are ready to bottle it. 


700g Burnet Rose hips, halved

700ml of Vodka (40% ABV or higher)

200g Granulated Sugar 


STEP 1: Halve you Burnet Rose hips, be careful with the small thorns on the stem of the hips.

STEP 2: Place the halved hips in a 2 litre kilner style jar.

STEP 3: Pour the vodka over the hips, the liquid should cover the fruit with a bit to spare, if it does not, take some fruit out. Then add the sugar. Stir the sugar and hips slowly in the vodka. Close the lid ensure the vodka can not leak.

STEP 4: Shake the contents for a few seconds and put the jar in a cupboard. Shake the jar a few times in the first week and then whenever you remember until 3 months have passed, during this time the sugar will have dissolved. 

STEP 5: Strain the liquid through muslin or a fine mesh and place the resulting liquid in to a nice clean spirit style bottle. Then sit back and enjoy.

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