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Our foraging gift vouchers make fabulous presents for birthdays and special occasions as well as being suitable for anyone who would like to come on one of our events. The vouchers can be used on ANY of our one day workshops and are valid for 12 months from the time of purchase. Whether it is fungi foraying, plant identification or learning how to identify trees the person with the voucher can choose which event they would like to join us on. 




If you are buying a voucher as a gift but do not know their email address then you can always purchase it for yourself and forward it on, or print it for them....



Do we supply physical vouchers/gift cards?

From Sept 2022 we no longer supply physical vouchers, they are all done online. 

What if I want a gift card/voucher for a friend but do not know their email?

You can always purchase a voucher for yourself or use their name and your email, then you can forward it on to them (or print it if you like) when it is convenient for yourself.

How long are the vouchers/gift cards valid for?

12 months from the point of purchase.

Which events can the vouchers/gift cards be used for?

The vouchers/gift cards can be used on all of our one day physical events, the only event currently which they do not apply to is the online fungi e-course event.

How do we use the voucher/gift card?

Simply choose the event you wish to go on and then head to the checkout, on the 3rd section

(Payment) there is a box you can tick which says 'Redeem a gift card', click that put your code

in and it will be applied. 

Can vouchers/gift cards be passed on to other people?

Yes, the voucher/gift card code can only be used once, so whoever has that code can use it, if you wish to purchase one in your name and then give it to someone else then that is fine. 

Do we send reminders out for you to use your vouchers?

No, once you have purchased your gift card/voucher then you need to make sure you reclaim it within the 12 month period. 

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