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If you would like to know more about any of the talks or even as David for a bespoke talk on something you would like, then please contact him at


PRICE: £80 for a talk


TRAVEL: For local areas there is no charge but for talks that are quite a drive there maybe a small fee added for fuel).


WHERE CAN I TRAVEL: Anywhere, though talks to further away places will incur expenses which can be negotiated. 


HOW LONG ARE THE TALKS: The talks can be fitted around your needs, they can be as short or as long as you would like, with time for questions at the end.



David has been giving talks, shows & presentation on natural history since he was 16.  From wildlife photography to edible plants and fungi we have a range of talks that will suit your groups needs, from all bird based ones to photographic orientated ones to hands on talks with mushrooms and plants. 


David has been to many of the natural history and photographic groups around the North-west and West Yotkshire for many years and regulary asked to come and speak again and again. 


David has his own projector and laptop that he can bring along.


Below is the list of current talks that David can deliver.

Wildlife (or just bird) photography around the UK

This talk can be tailored to just birds for bird groups, it is the story of David travels to many places around the UK, including The Lizard and Shetland and the different species he encountered. Covering species information as well as funny anecdotes, join David on a tour of the UK and see some wonderful images.

Greater Manchester Hidden Wildlife 

Having grown up in Greater Manchester David has spent many years looking for wildlife around what people believe is a concrete jungle, this talk will show you what a wealth of species a land-locked county has to offer. From Mountain Hares in Oldham to the rare Golden Bootleg fungus in Wigan, this talk will get you to think twice about how important Manchester is for wildlife.

Edible & Poisounous plants and fungi

Ever wanted to know which mushrooms you can eat and which to avoid? Ever wanted to know which plants you can use and which make great drinks? This talk is designed to introduce you to the world of wild edibles that are own your doorstep. From Hemlock to Sloes, Deathcap to Porcini, this talk will inspire you and tickle your tastebuds.

The History of Birds in Rochdale

From the 1700s to modern day, this talk will show you some of the more interesting bird species to have turned up in the district of Rochdale as well as which species have increased and which have decreased.

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