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Fungal Finds - Update

It has been a busy September and October for us here at Discover the Wild, trying to navigate our way through hosting events with all the changes with Covid-19 has been time consuming so our fungal finds updates have not been updated for two months. So over the coming weeks I shall re-cap on some of our more exciting finds such as the species below, the Jubilee Waxcap (Gliophorus reginae).

This is a rare species of grassland fungi we found on the 24th October on one of our grassland mushroom workshops. During the event we found lots of interesting species, but this species remains one of my favourites as it is a rare species, understated but quite beautiful and if you find this species you usually find lots of other interesting things, which we definitely did.

The Parrot Waxcap (Gliophorus psittacinus) is another stunning grassland species we encountered, I don't think there is another more intensely colourful mushroom in the UK than the emerald green and bright yellow of the Parrot Waxcap.

With one more grassland mushroom workshop to go in the season who knows if we might find something different this weekend!


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