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Fungal Finds - Week 31 2020.

I thought I would start putting a summary of some the fungi we are finding at the moment on our blog. It will mainly be some of the more unusual finds.

The first is the Veined Shield (Pluteus johnsonii) which I found at two sites in Denbighshire on the same day, 31st July. It is a rather distinctive species, with a cap that looks like it has had a glue gun used on it. Growing from rotting wood in mainly Ash woodlands.

The next species is one that Lauren found at work in Cheshire on the 2nd August, the rather stunning Ruby Bolete (Xerocomus rubellus), one of my favourites as it is a beautiful mushroom in the flesh. With a liking for Oak, it was growing with a group of these trees and the one below is the one I choose to photograph and also use to gather a spore print for taking photos of the spores which will be used on our mushroom guide pages.

The final species, again found on the 31st July in Denbigshire is one of the eyelash fungi, Scutellinia trechispora, an interesting species with 'eyelashes' around the edge of the cup and growing on soil.

The warm weather forecast next week may slow down the fungasl season, but who knows what may turn up.....


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