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Fungal Finds - Week 33 2020

A hot week meant it was not brilliant locally for mushrooms, a few bits were about but the rain at the latter part of the week has hopefully encouraged some nice things out in the coming week.

A Lurid Bolete (Suillellus luridus), a favourite of mine, was growing on limestone grassland nearby on the 11th August, growing with Common Rock-rose (Helianthemum nummularium), a few gone over Blackening Waxcaps (Hygrocybe conica) were also present but that was about it.

A walk on the 10th in a new woodland in Denbighshire produced only a few species, one being a very dark gilled version of the Blackedged Bonnet (Mycena pelianthina), a species that likes Beech trees especially on limestone, which is exactly what this woodland was. You can just make out the dark edge to the gills from the picture which give this species its name, it also smells of radish.

The only other thing of note this week has been a new addition to the garden list, a downy mildew growing on Groundsel called Pustula obtusata.

Here is hoping the rains bring some goodies this week!


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