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Fungal Finds - Week 34 2020

I did not have much time this week to get out and have a look for fungi, the weather was not great either so I was not too fussed. I did get some birdwatching in, the high winds had blown some nice birds into North Wales including a Black Tern at Conwy RSPB, 8+ Storm Petrels and a Balearic Shearwater at Criccieth and a juv Dotterel at Pen y Cil, which were all great to catch up with.

The Highlight on the fungi front was no doubt Angel's Wings (Pleurocybella porrigens), a species I have only seen before up in Scotland where it can be common in certain areas. It is rare south of the border (though seems to be spreading) and there are only 2 previous Welsh records. So finding a patch in Snowdonia whilst guiding a one-to-one was certainly a highlight, growing on their habitat of rotting coniferous wood.

Also on the walk was Russula faginea, quite a distinctive species with a smell of crab, growing usually with Beech trees, the cap not peeling at all and a greenish reaction to guaiac and a grey green reaction with iron salts.

Other nice species found were Green-cracked Brittlegill, Amethyst Chanterelle, Urchin Earthfan and Inkstain Bolete.

Happy Fungi Hunting in the coming week!


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