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Grassland Mushrooms & Fungi (Greater Manchester)

2024 -  Sun 27th Oct


This laid back mushroom workshop is what looking for mushrooms and other fungi is all about, the hunt for the beautiful, colourful, weird and just the good old tasty!


One of the last big exitements in the year for the world of mushrooms is the grassland fungi, and Waxcaps are some of the most impressive to see, coming in an array of colours and usually you can get 1000's covering the hillsides, and this is what this workshop will foucs on.


It is not just mushrooms though, Corals, Clubs and Earthtongues are also to be found, which also come in an array of whacky colours and shapes, including the star find from 2014, the Violet Coral...


This is kind of mushroom foraying is one of our favourites and it also helps that one species we will be looking for is also very good to eat. From mushrooms that will make you sneeze, to one that parasitise caterpillars to ones that are just damn right beautiful, this workshop is unique and one that anyone with an interest in foraging/mushrooms/wildlife/just a good day out, will love.


Whether you are a complete novice to foraging or slightly more experienced we can offer everyone a truly great experience.

Grassland Mushrooms & Fungi (Greater Manchester)

  • Price - £35pp 


    Dates (2024) - Sun 27th Oct 10am or 1pm


    Tour Guide -  David Winnard


    Location - Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Details on where to meet will be given upon booking.


    What to bring - A good pair of walking boots is advisable, a packed lunch and drinks. Clothing to suit the weather of the day. Many people find it helpful to bring a notebook or camera to make notes of all the plants we see.

  • In the event that Discover the Wild has to cancel an event due to extreme weather a full refund will be given. A full refund will also be given if the event for any reason has to be cancelled by Discover the Wild. If you decide you can not make the event then you can be moved on to another event date, but a refund will only be given if Discover the Wild can fill your spaces on the event.

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