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Edible Mushrooms (North Wales)

2024 - Sun 22nd Sept, Weds 2nd Oct


A walk in the stunning Welsh landscape, this event will get you looking for some of the most wonderful wild edible mushrooms we have in this country, 4 types of Chanterelle, 2 types of Hedgehog, Porcini and many, many more it is one to attend if you have a passion for wild mushrooms. We will also encounter some very poisonous species, making this a great event to learn what not to pick as well as what to pick.


The world of mushrooms and fungi can be a daunting one to the novice, filled with many species and look a likes. This one day workshops will help you to identify fungi with more confidence and understand the families of fungi and how to tell them apart from the edible Cep to the deadly Deadly Webcap.


The walk will take in a variety of habitats from coniferous and decidous woodlands, to grassland and parkland as well as spending a bit of time walking along a beautiful river. This area of Wales is one of our favourites and we have spent many hours here searching for the amazing fungi it has to offer, there is a great mixture of species and this event will produce lots of edible species, poisonous ones, medicinal ones and just damn right rare ones.


In some years bad weather (for fungi at least) can mean we find fewer specimens (though we have always found between 45 and 90 species in this wood) so there will be plenty to find. Whilst we will endeavor to find lots of edible species to show you, sometimes we may not find any - but the species we will find are interesting and will always help the forager become familiar with the commoner species you are likely to find. If there are edible species found we will only collect a small amount of what is there (only take what we need) and with rarer species we will just make a note of them.


Our courses are limited to 12 people as this number allows for a good atmosphere and allows David to get to know what each persons knowledge base is and cater to their needs, whether you are a complete novice to foraging or slightly more experienced we can offer everyone a truly great experience.

Edible Mushrooms (North Wales)

  • Price - £35pp

    Dates (2024) - Sun 22nd Sept, Weds 2nd Oct (10-12:30pm or 1-3:30pm)

    Tour Guide -  David Winnard 

    Location - Snowdonia area, North Wales. Details on where to meet will be given upon booking.         

    What to bring - A good pair of walking boots is advisable, a packed lunch and drinks. Clothing to suit the weather of the day. Many people find it helpful to bring a notebook or camera to make notes of all the plants we see.

  • In the event that Discover the Wild has to cancel an event due to extreme weather a full refund will be given. A full refund will also be given if the event for any reason has to be cancelled by Discover the Wild. If you decide you can not make the event then you can be moved on to another event date, but a refund will only be given if Discover the Wild can fill your spaces on the event.

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