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For Fungi's Sake

2023 - Sat 18th Nov 10-12:30


Join us for a session of discovering the weird and whacky fungi that are still out after the main fungi season has ended. We will be looking for species that rotting wood, but some of which can be medicinal, such as Turkeytail and Birch Polypore and also looking for fungi that can found on logs like the Beech Jellydisc, Hairy Curtain Crust and many more. 


This event will help you understand how fungi work, why they are important, where to look for them and also discuss any species we come across which are edible, medicinal or poisonous. 


It is a celebration of fungi, in all there forms, from colourful to drab, big to small and jelly like to wood like, it is an event that will leave you wanting to find more. 


Places are limited on our events, this allows for a more relaxed atmosphere and allows David to give you a personal tuition and also follows Covid guidelines. 

For Fungi's Sake

  • Price - £35pp

    Duration - 10am - 12:30pm 

    Dates (2022) - Sun 20th Nov

    Dates (2023) - Sat 18th Nov

    Tour Guide -  David Winnard

    Location - Rochdale, Greater Manchester. Details on where to meet will be given upon booking.

    What to bring - A good pair of walking boots is advisable. Clothing to suit the weather of the day. Many people find it helpful to bring a notebook or camera to make notes of all the plants we see.

  • In the event that Discover the Wild has to cancel an event due to extreme weather a full refund will be given. A full refund will also be given if the event for any reason has to be cancelled by Discover the Wild. If you decide you can not make the event then you can be moved on to another event date, but a refund will only be given if Discover the Wild can fill your spaces on the event.

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