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Seaweeds and Coastal Foraging

2024 - Sun 31st March (10am), May (TBC)


There is something about foraging by the coast that really makes me happy. The variety of habitat increases as well as the nearby hedgerows and fields the shoreline opens up even more species to find,  including seaweeds.


This workshop will look at how to forage for these wonderful algae, how to identify, use and harvest safely and sustainably. We will also look at how different species of seaweeds occupy different regions of the shore from the shoreline to the rocks at the top of the beach. We will also get hands on with some of the other coastal edibles like Alexanders and Sea Beet as we take in a number of habitats along the way. 


What better place to do this workshop than on the beautiful Isle of Anglesey. By the end of the day you will have learned how to identify some truly tasty wild coastal plants and algae that will make you look very differently when you are next at the coast. 


Our courses are limited  as this number allows for a good atmosphere and allows David to get to know what each persons knowledge base is and cater to their needs, whether you are a complete novice to foraging or slightly more experienced we can offer everyone a truly great experience.

Seaweeds and Coastal Foraging

  • Price - £35pp

    Duration - 10-12:30 or 1-3:30pm.

    Dates (2023) -  Sat 13th May 

    Tour Guide -  David Winnard

    Location - Anglesey, exact location given when booked on.

    What to bring - A good pair of walking boots is advisable. Clothing to suit the weather of the day. Many people find it helpful to bring a notebook or camera to make notes of all the plants we see.

  • In the event that Discover the Wild has to cancel an event due to extreme weather a full refund will be given. A full refund will also be given if the event for any reason has to be cancelled by Discover the Wild. If you decide you can not make the event then you can be moved on to another event date, but a refund will only be given if Discover the Wild can fill your spaces on the event.

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