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1) All people attending events will respect nature and environment, any behaviour that purposely puts any animal or habitat in danger will be told to leave the event.



1) A voucher can be used on any of our foraging events (where the price per person per event is £35), they can be used up to 12 months after they have been purchased. 2) Vouchers can not be exchanged for the value of the voucher. 3) Vouchers can be given to other people to use if you can not make the event but please make us aware so there are no problems on the day of the event. 4) Vouchers are sent via royal mail in the second class post, we can not be held liable for any delay in the voucher getting to you. 5) It is your responsibility to ensure the voucher is used with in the 12 month period. For more information please contact us at

UPDATE - Due to COVID-19, anyone with a current valid voucher will have an extra 12 months added to the time it can be used.

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