Leucoagaricus americanus

Leucoagaricus americanus



From 'Leucos' meaning white in Greek and Agaricus a genus of mushroom meaning 'of the country'.


3-11 cm


5-12 cm

Meaning American.


A distinctive species but rare species, found on woodchip, with a distinctive colour change in the flesh, turning yellow when damaged then slowly orange-red. Common on the Eastern side of the U.S.A, it is a rare find in the U.K. When dried out the mushroom can turn dark pink, almost red.


Not distinctive.


Mainly Autumn, but these were found in January in a hot house on woodchip.

Habitat & Distribution

Woodchip, rare across the UK with less than a dozen records at the time of writing. 


Reported to be edible, but due to risk of confusion with poisonous members of the Dapperling family this species should be avoided, especially given its rarity. 

Confusion Species


8-11 x 6-9 µm, ellipsoid

Spore Print Colour


A few other of the 'Leucoagaricus' species are similar, but the colour change from white to yellow, then to orange-red is distinctive, along with the habitat. 

The Blushing Dapperling (Leucoagaricus badhamii) can grow on woodchip but turns a blood red colour and turns very dark when handled.

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