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Welcome to our Mushroom Guide A-Z. Over the past few years we have been photographing the species we have encountered on white backgrounds to help compare and contrast species as well as get a closer look at each one. The aim is to publish on here the majority of species one would encounter in a 'normal' fungi foraying year. As you can appreciate it takes time to find, photograph, edit and write about each species; we currently have a backlog of 300 species, but we will aim to add new species frequently. For identification purposes please bear in mind not all species are presented here and use multplie reliable references to confirm your findings. 

Common Name
Scientific Name
Alder Rollrim
Paxillus rubicundulus
Amethyst Chanterelle
Cantharellus amethysteus
Amethyst Deceiver
Laccaria amethystina
Aniseed Funnel
Clitocybe odora
Beechwood Sickener
Russula mairei
Bitter Beech Bolete
Caloboletus calopus
Blue Band Brittlegill
Russula chloroides
Blue Rounded
Stropharia caerula
Blue Spot Knight
Tricholoma columbetta
Brown Parasol
Chlorophyllum brunneum
Cantharellus cibarius
Charcoal Burner
Russula cyanoxantha
Deadly Webcap
Cortinarius rubellus
Deceiving Bolete
Suillellus queletii
Dusky Bolete
Tylopilus porphyrosporus
False Saffron Milkcap
Lactarius deterrimus
Giant Funnel
Leucopaxillus giganteus
Inkstain Bolete
Cyanoboletus pulverulentus
Inocybe dulcamara
Inocybe dulcamara
Iodine Bolete
Hemileccinum impolitum
Larch Bolete
Suillus grevillei
Larch Bolete (var. badius)
Suillus grevillei var. badius
Leucoagaricus americanus
Leucoagaricus americanus
Lilac Mushroom
Agaricus porphyrizon
Lurid Bolete
Suillelus luridus
Macro Mushroom
Agaricus crocodilinus
Macrolepiota konradii
Macrolepiota konradii
Magenta Rustgill
Gymnopilus dilepis
Mycena diosma
Mycena diosma
Parrot Waxcap
Gliophorus psittacinus
Peppery Milkcap
Lactifluus piperatus
Plums and Custard
Tricholomopsis rutilans
Pseudoclitocybe obbata
Pseudoclitocybe obbata
Redlead Roundhead
Leratiomyces ceres
Rooting Bolete
Caloboletus radicans
Rosy Bonnet
Mycena rosea
Rosy Wood Mushroom
Agaricus dulcidulus
Ruby Bolete
Hortiboletus rubellus
Russula praetervisa
Russula praetervisa
Salty Mushroom
Agaricus bernardii
Scarletina Bolete
Neoboletus praestigiator
Slender Parasol
Macrolepiota mastoidea
Slippery Jack
Suillus luteus
Spotted Blewit
Lepista panaeolus
St George's Mushroom
Calocybe gambosa
Tan Pinkgill
Rhodocybe gemina
Tufted Wood Mushroom
Agaricus impudicus
Veined Shield
Pluteus thomsonii
Wood Blewit
Lepista nuda
Wood Hedgehog
Hydnum repandum
Yellow Stainer
Agaricus xanthodermus
Yellowing Bonnet
Mycena luteovariegata
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