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Long-tailed Duck, Rhyl, 25/11/2018

Earlier in the week when I was in Rhyl photographing the Slavonian Grebe I was tempted to go down on to the river Clywd to have a look what was about, I didn't and when I got home I received news that there was a Long-tailed Duck there (serves me right for not making the effort). Then news broke that one was found at RSPB Conwy and I assumed it was the same bird, it is not like the North Wales is full of Long-tailed Ducks. I went to see that bird but the conditions were not right for getting photos though still enjoyable to see. Then this morning I received a text from Bill Myerscough (who had found the bird on the Clywd earlier in the week) to say the bird was still and showing close to the path. I drove down to have a look and by the time I had got there the bird was against the far bank in to bright sunlight. We waited though over the next 90 mins and the cloud came in and eventually the bird returned to the bank where we were and I was able to get some pictures. So eventually I have had a great week for seeing Long-tailed Duck in North Wales.


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