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Russula Roulette

🍄Russula Roulette🍄

With the Fungi season in full swing what better way to celebrate than showcase a selection of the Russula (Brittlegill) family. In total, more than 160 species of the family can be seen in the UK and whilst they are all similar in shape and size, they vary in colour.

Although the Brittlegill family are common and colourful they can be difficult to get to grips with, with many species a similar colour. Some prefer coniferous trees, some deciduous and some like both, so no matter what habitat you are in you are likely to find members of this beautiful family.

Here is a selection of 16 common Brittlegills that occur close to us at Discover the Wild that show an array of colour.

Keep your eyes peeled when you're out this weekend, no doubt you will stumble across some of these amazing mushrooms.

*Please note this is not designed to be used for identifying edible/poisonous species.


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