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I am really looking forward to spring, I am getting that itch to go out and find certain species but the likes of Wheatear and Bog Beacon are probably another month away from appearing. Snowdrops however fill that gap of feeling like winter is coming to an end and spring is beginning.

For many years I have wanted a nice picture of carpets of snowdrops that go on for ever, but I did not want them in a formal setting or garden, so after a bit of looking I found a nice woodland on Anglesey that was close to what I was looking for. A 'wild' wood with Snowdrops naturalised throughout, the problem with this setting is it is 'messy'. Bramble, ferns and other plants growing on the woodland floor but to be honest, the 'clean' image of endless snowdrops I wanted is not really me, I like seeing nature in the wild form.

So early one morning in February I took the below image just as the sun was rising. I had accidentally flushed a Woodcock as it took flight from right under my feet and after calming my heart rate down I took a few images.

Snowdrops in an Anglesey Woodland
Snowdrops in Anglesey Woodland

I think this image of Snowdrops is my favourite, growing in amongst all the other plants with a nice warm sky in the background (it wasn't warm, it was freezing!). I am not usually taking wider shots of nature but perhaps I should do more of it.

Then onto a woodland closer to home for some macro photography, I had found a nice lichen the previous day and wanted to get a photo. It is called Baeomyces rufus, sadly no common nae as of yet, but it is one of my favourites, usually just patches of green, when it fruits it looks like little mushrooms appearing, growing on stone.

Baeomyces rufus
Baeomyces rufus

I have a few plans for species over the coming weeks, but we could do with a little bit of rain as it is a bit dry and the species I want to find like a bit of moisture. Hopefully some more pictures to share with you all soon!



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